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Impossible Outfit: PUNK Edition

Dear Paper Doll,

My 35th high school reunion is approaching. Though you’d hardly know it to look at me now – I’m an anesthesiologist (I claim this career choice was inspired by The Ramones) living in the suburbs, happily married with three beautiful children – back in the day my friends and I were the punk scene at our small-town school. We weren’t exactly popular, and I was no prom queen, but we had a blast. We’ve decided that it would be fun to attend the reunion dressed like we did in the good old days, but I don’t have any of my safety pin-covered t-shirts anymore. Can you help me assemble an age-appropriate outfit?



impossible outfit: punk edition

Dear Once-punk,

Punk: Chaos to CoutureI love that you’ll be adopting the alternative fashion of your youth! The great news is that there are now endless possibilities that glam up the essence of all things punk. Here are some ideas from The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s newest exhibition, PUNK: Chaos to Couture, on view through August 14, with an accompanying catalog distributed by Yale University Press.

  1. You mentioned safety pins – why not embrace hardware to its fullest with a look that also gives a nod to your current professional life?
  2. Will your husband be attending the reunion with you? If so, and he wants to go along with the theme, I suggest this suit, which is likely a departure from his day-to-day collared shirt.
  3. Since it is near summer, perhaps you’d like to don a skirt instead? This graffiti-inspired number has the edge you’re looking for, but will let you dance the night away without constriction!
  4. Although if you’re looking for more of a sleek rock star look, check out this leather ensemble with a maze of zippers.
  5. Also, who needs to be a prom queen when you can claim the punk throne?

Anarchically yours,


Paper Doll

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