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Tuesday Studio: Looking at Degas and Picasso

Picasso Looks at Degas: Elizabeth Cowling and Richard Kendall This summer the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute is presenting the exhibition Picasso Looks at Degas.  The Clark’s website is filled with information about each aspect of the show.  They also have the checklist of works and an opportunity to download parts or all of the audio tour.  If you are looking for more blog reading, the staff at the Clark have begun a blog for the exhibition, which is an excellent complement to the catalogue, available from Yale University Press.

After you are done learning all about Picasso and Degas, you may have an idea about whose art you most like.  But which of the artists are you most like?  You can find out on the Clark’s site, where they have a “Picasso or Degas?” quiz.  If you’ve found yourself artistically inspired, you can also create your own Picasso style face.  Among the wealth of events being held at The Clark for the exhibition are showings of Spanish films, as well as the documentaries Picasso: Magic, Sex & Death, The Mystery of Picasso, and Degas and the Dance: The Man Behind the Easel, which of course you could watch in your own home if you can’t make it to the Clark.

Update:  This morning Richard Kendall, one of the exhibition’s curators, was featured in the Wall Street Journal discussing the exhibition and his and others’ studies of Picasso and Degas.  In describing the new perspectives and ideas proposed by the exhibition, he said that he “‘like[s] the idea of exhiition as an argument, which puts forth new research and asks you to think again about this art,'” something that is certainly achieved by Picasso Looks at Degas.

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