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Podcast interview with Joan Marter, editor of Women of Abstract Expressionism

9780300208429Welcome to our first Yale University Press art+architecture book podcast!

We’ve interviewed Joan Marter, Rutgers professor and editor of the recently-published Women of Abstract Expressionism (which accompanies an exhibition currently on view at the Denver Art Museum — it will move this fall to the Mint Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina, and later this winter to the Palm Springs Art Museum in California; go see it if you can, it’s getting great reviews).

Here’s a link to the podcast on SoundCloud, and it’s also available through iTunesU.  We also have a terrific interview on our blog of Gwen Chanzit, the exhibition’s curator, by David Ebony.  After you’ve listened and read, check out another excellent podcast for even more on the women of Abstract Expressionism, from our friends at Hyperallergic.

And stay tuned for more art book podcasts from Yale University Press!

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