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Impossible Outfit: Keeping Warm and Looking Cool

Dear Paper Doll,

The winter chill is setting in—oh, how I dread this time of year! I was raised, and spent all of my fashion-formative years, in a tropical climate. I am blessed with the gift of being able to both look and feel cool when it’s 100 degrees outside (and I can tie a sarong into no fewer than 18 stylish configurations). But now, as a recent transplant to the Northeast, I have no idea how to bundle up while still looking sleek and fashionable. Any tips on what to wear so that I can look fabulous without sacrificing warmth?


Ice Queen


Dear Ice Queen,

Ah, welcome to the annual battle between keeping warm and looking cool! You’re not alone in facing the challenge of how to bundle up without resembling a marshmallow. Fortunately, fashion from all over the world has responded to the winter weather, with glamorous results. With just a few tips, you’ll be tastefully toasty in no time!

Check out this slideshow for cold-weather ideas inspired by clothing and textiles in Yale art books!

With love and hot cocoa,

Paper Doll

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