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Ivan Brunetti’s Aesthetics: Cartoon Caption Contest Winners!

AestheticsIvan Brunetti is one of the great contemporary graphic artists. His signature, highly evocative style often captures a moment of acute absurdity, or humor, or melancholy, with text that is painstakingly edited to a minimalist perfection.

Last month we put our readers up to the challenge of providing captions for two of Brunetti’s figures. We challenged you to come up with a single speech or thought bubble that undergoes a shift in meaning when applied to these two figures. The text in the bubble needed to be identical, but could use different punctuation for each figure. Each of our winners will receive an autographed copy of Aesthetics: A Memoir (and a bookmark)!

After sorting through all the entries, we have selected the three winners, congratulations and enjoy! And if you haven’t viewed the book trailer yet, there’s that gem, too!

Aesthetics Caption Winner

Submitted by Nancy N.

Aesthetics Caption Winner

Submitted by Ricky K.

Aesthetics Caption Winner

Submitted by Marc B.

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