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Impossible Outfit: Office Holiday Party Edition

Dear Paper Doll,

My office holiday party is this week, and I would like to wear something that is festive and work-appropriate.  I love Christmas so I’d like to show some holiday spirit, but tastefully (no reindeer antlers, please). The party is being held at an upscale cocktail bar, to give you an idea of the ambience…

Thank you,

Classy at Christmas

Dear Classy,

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it? I’ll have you dressed to the nines in no time – everyone will know you’re no Grinch! And not to worry, I wouldn’t dream of suggesting you adorn yourself in anything gaudy.

1: Cocktail dress, garnet silk jersey and velvet, 1948–49. The Museum at FIT. Photograph: Irving Solero 2: Glace Collection Jewelry, 2009. Made by Swarovski AG. Colored resin, Swarovski crystals in jet and crystal; L 4 5/16” (11 cm). Lent by Atelier Swarovski 3: Salvatore Ferragamo, Pump, ca. 1938. The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, Gift of Sally Cary Iselin (71.213.44). Photograph: Karin L. Willis, The Photograph Studio, The Metropolitan Museum of Art 4: Yves Saint Laurent, Fox coat, sprint-summer 1971. Photograph: Hans Feurer

1. Velvet party dresses aren’t just for little girls. A garnet-colored, off-the-shoulder cocktail dress hits all the right retro notes – and might I suggest you paint your nails to match?

2. Give your sophisticated ensemble a modern twist with the proper ornamentation—these sleek black bangles.

3. Vintage Ferragamo pumps give you just the right height without making you topple over—no embarrassing moments in front of your colleagues!    4. If all goes well, you’ll be celebrating until the end of the evening, and you’ll need to bundle up before you go out in the cold. A lush emerald coat is the perfect way to complete your memorable ensemble—before you know it, your work pals will follow you in merry measure…  fa la la la la!

Now you’re ready to raise a Yuletide toast!

Happy Holidays,

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