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Answers to the Unpacking My Library Quiz, Another Chance to Win!

We have a secret to tell: no one won our quiz about Unpacking My Library: Writers and Their Books! There were so many writers, there were so many books on their shelves, even the smallest microcosm of 13 quick facts was jam-packed with untold stories.

So, let’s compromise. We’ll post 3 of the answers here and put 10 copies up for grabs for on the #yupholiday giveaway on Twitter. The fastest correct response to the remaining questions wins a copy of this fascinating foray into the personal histories of bibliophiles. Be sure you’re following @yalepress for your chance to win, and don’t worry, we’ll give you a heads up when the next question is coming!

The book was published earlier this week, and the New York Times and the Financial Times have both published excerpts from its endlessly interesting pages. (The close reader might find a hint or two to some of the quiz answers!) See what you can learn about your favorite writers from what—and how—they keep in their collections!

Here are the quiz questions with provided answers:

6. Whose top ten list includes A Guide for the Undehemorrhoided by Charles Willeford?
Jonathan Lethem

9. Which writer could also, happily, produce a top ten list of cookbooks?
Sophie Gee

13. Who doesn’t feel true ownership of a book until it’s “bespangled” with Post-its, highlighted in multiple colors, and filled with “incriminating marginalia”?
Alison Bechdel

Leaving in the #yupholiday Answer Bank:

a) Alison Bechdel

b) Stephen Carter

c) Junot Díaz

d) Sophie Gee

e) Rebecca Goldstein

f) Lev Grossman

g) Jonathan Lethem

h) Claire Messud

i) Steven Pinker

j) Philip Pullman

k) Gary Shteyngart

l) Edmund White

m) James Wood

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